Whitney Way Thore

WWT_120I have always admired Whitney Way Thore. I first became a fan listening to her as Producer Whitney on 1075 KZL. She is articulate with a personality larger than life.
Something so refreshing about her, she wasn’t ashamed of being a self proclaimed “fat girl”. Being “fat” did not take on the same negative connotation for her. Here was a confident girl starting on a journey to self discovery that has gone places we could never imagined! Loving to dance, Whitney began making her “fat girl dancing” videos. Man can that girl move! I loved watching her own that video and completely “werk it!”

Fast forward a number of months. I decided I’d take the leap and introduce myself through FB. There is something very secure about approaching someone behind a keyboard. You see, it was around Whitney’s birthday. I really wanted to have the opportunity to show her how much she has influenced me and show her how beautiful she is. Being a professional photographer gave me a unique opportunity to do just that.

We talked for some time and decided on a date. It was an amazingly fun, energy packed day. I mean, it could have been the wine, but I think we all just hit it off so well. It became a full scale production with the amazing stylist Traci, make-up artist and little sister Jessie, full entertainment provided by Kidd and Donna with Pat working wardrobe. FYI…Did you know a hat makes everything better? It was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had behind the camera! The venture resulted in fun, flirty photos and a friendship that will last a lifetime.



Over the next months, it was amazing to see our photos on Facebook and promos. It led to the conversation of photographing a boudoir session. I loved this idea! It was an awesome way to show how all women are beautiful. Every woman deserves the chance to see how it feels to be sexy, empowered and confident. Whitney was perfect for that! The photos range from sexy, sultry, cute to down right goofy. The energy was so high and it again, was one fun day! Then came viewing day. Whitney’s words, “You made me feel pretty.” Jackpot! That’s totally our goal and it was a success!




Then, hello Facebook land! Needless to say, once some of the images were shared there was a huge amount of support. Along with that comes heated discussion. There are always two sides, but the amount of positive feedback was staggering!


Whitney’s dancing videos went viral and things absolutely took off. She became a spokesperson for people, all shapes, sizes and colors. Her message is clear to love your body no matter if you are fat, skinny, black, white, orange, purple or green! She showed us to be proud of who you are at any stage.

“I am unwaveringly ME; and the same goes for YOU. No matter what you’re struggling with, embrace what you have to offer, love yourself right this minute and start affecting positive change for yourself and others.”


The No Body Shame Campaign was born.

Whitney and the No Body Shame Campaign have been featured on local and national news shows including The Today Show, Huffington Post, Headline News on CNN, ABC News, myfoxphilly.com, Business Standard, Mail Online, Buzz Feed, Venus Diva, Examiner.com , Right this Minute, and many more!


I have been fortunate enough to see my images represent Whitney and the Campaign on so many national and international outlet. This has, by far, been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.







To Whitney Way Thore….person I greatly admire, my champion, my voice and most of all, my dear friend that I will always keep close to my heart. – Misty


Couple remarries on 50th wedding anniversary!

I had the pleasure of photographing one of the sweetest weddings I have ever done.  Carol and Dale McCracken remarried on what would have been their 50th wedding anniversary.  They were married for 36 years and separated in 2000.  They remained good friends and never dated anyone else.  Dale said “Neither of us fell out of love.  We used to talk about when we were first married about growing old together.  That was before we knew what old was.”   Image
Getting Ready!
Love is Patient! Love is Kind!
What a look! Priceless!
The ceremony was at Dale’s home, their pastor was Rev. Preston Ponce, retired who drove in from Florida!

Have you ever seen such a cute couple?
They left in a red 1937 hot-rod Chevrolet sedan provided by their friends, Cyndi and Daniel Shoule, who own HotRod GetAway in Greensboro, NC. Friends and family attended from all over the country.DALE_239
Both Dale and Carol are from Ohio. Carol was a long distance switchboard operator until Dale Jr. was born, and Dale managed large-machine companies in Ohio and West Virginia. They had 5 children and moved to Greensboro in 1985. Carol became a kindergarten assistant for Guilford County Schools and is now a home caregiver. Dale opened a Backward Glance Antiques at 212 Settle Street in Reidsville which brings us to this last picture. It was spitting snow and so cold, but it looked like they were dancing, so happy to have found each other again! …but the greatest of these is love… Timeless..

(Special thanks go to Ann Fish and Greensboro News and Record)